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Medical - Industrial applications
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Elma Dent & Med Clean 

The Elma Clean cleaning concept in association with the Elmasonic ultrasonic cleaning devices ensure first-rate cleaning results and long service lives of the used materials.

Here you can find the Elma Clean products that have been specially developed and adapted for any of the usual applications and materials.

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Emulsifying reagents vs. demulsifying agents

Important if oil and grease needs to be removed.

Emulsifying reagents: After cleaning from a surface, oil and grease will be emulsified in the water (reagent mixture). No oil separator is needed since no oil swims normally on the water surface.

⇒ Cost efficient solution: Emulsifying reagents are used in serial units and any cleaning line which does not introduce too much oil (soaked parts) to the cleaning tank. (Elma Tec Clean)


Demulsifying reagents: After cleaning from a surface, oil and grease are demulsified and will swim on the water surface. Oil separator is needed to avoid recontamination of the cleaned parts, since oil swims on the water surface.

⇒ Higher costs for oil separator: Mainly used for lines with higher value or if high oil contamination cannot be avoided. (Elma Clean Series)